Our mission: Developing beautiful organisations is a Dutch organization design studio whose mission is developing beautiful organisations. We (re)design organisations from the perspective that organization should be functional ánd beautiful. Or even good by beauty. We support organizational aesthetics and business aesthetics.


Truth Goodness and Beauty

Our vision: Better by beauty
Better traditionally means more functional, efficient, lean and mean, without waste as much as possible with as little as possible. We do not believe that people go to work for much as possible. We also do not believe that customers only want the best.


The function of organizations has changed. Form follows function is replaced by form follows value. We have the conviction, supported by our extensive research, that employees prefer a beautiful day and beautiful work and that customers prefer something beautiful rather than just something good.


“Beauty is working in a way that embraces beauty and which aims to bring forth beauty”

(Ted Brandsen, artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet)

Already longer we are wondering whether organisations can do beautiful things in a beautiful way (beauty production x production beauty), by analogy with doing right things in a right way (effectiveness x efficiency).

We did pioneering (PhD) research among more than 25 Dutch organisations and among 400 employees. Beauty in work and organizations experienced in aspects such as cooperation, internal coherence of things, identification with organisational mission and goals, challenging work and in products and services. We tested more than 40 of these organisational aesthetic stimuli (OAS) and discovered that many of these highly contribute to pride, work pleasure job satisfaction, flow experiences and (affective) commitment among employees. And we also proved that beauty contributes to performance. Beautiful organisations also perform better!


Organizations where employees are having aesthetic experiences are characterized furthermore by spaces or understanding, relatedness and exploration, represented by the following aesthetic qualities: 1) Recognition, 2) Coherence, 3) Recognition, 4) Collaboration, 5) Accomplishment and 6) Mystery.

Our products & services: consultancy, research and change offers an extensive range of products and services such as workshops on Design Thinking, short organisation research (what is experienced as beauty and how beautiful is your organization?) up to advice and implementation for a more beautiful organisation thereby organization improvement. We do this in terms of improving organizational structure, processes, products and services, staff & management and culture. We also hold regular lectures and conduct lectures at colleges and universities.

We are (re)designs organisations according to the Dutch Design philosophy: simple, sustainable and transparent. We do this with a small team of experienced business experts in alliances with organizational psychologists, process designers, business analysts, interior designers and other design thinkers.

Dr.Steven de Groot (1967) is founder of He studied at the famous Design Academy Eindhoven, studied educational science and business administration. He worked for more than 15 years as a consultant (also in Asia), worked as a researcher for two universities in Holland and obtained a PhD-grade for research on the role of aesthetics in work and organisational design at the Technical University of Eindhoven. He is also Professor of Applied Sciences and is doing research on innovative forms of organizations, cross-overs, and conditions for innovation in and between organizations.

Want to become a beautiful organisation?
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